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Sunday, June 5th, 2016
7:22 pm
Thursday, January 22nd, 2015
11:49 pm
Tuesday, February 26th, 2013
1:15 am
Thursday, February 14th, 2013
8:44 am
The Forest
The Moonlight

I crouched low in the bushes at the edge of the clearing looking out through the leaves at the grassy expanse before me. The clearing was only about 100 paces wide and I could sprint that distance in what? Certainly less than a minute. But in that time I would be clearly visible in the moonlight which streamed down from above, illuminating the clearing and making the forest on either side pitch black.

It was more of a break in the forest than a clearing. A strip devoid of trees and shrubs than ran for miles, straight as an arrow, splitting the deeply wooded forest. I wondered briefly what had caused it, then I wondered why noone else ever seemed to wonder about it. Like the vast ruined cities in the forest and the huge stone towers and statues that were all through the forest.

In any case this strip served as a border, defining the extent of my tribe’s land, and I was now on the wrong side. I deeply regretted my foolishness earlier in the cheerful brightness of the summers day that had driven me across the border with reckless disregard for the consequences.

There are several tribes that live in this side of the forest and I did not know which one the men pursuing me were from. Not that it mattered. There was a clear understanding between my tribe and the forest tribes. We each kept to our own side of the border. The penalty was death. It was a simple arrangement, clearly understood by even the most primitive forest tribes and they rarely ventured over to our side. When they did my people would kill them with out mercy. This was the law. This arrangement allowed us to live in peace and had done so since time began.

I closed my eyes and listened intently for any sound that would indicate my pursuers were nearby. I heard the noises of the forest, small creatures scurrying on the forest floor, the rustling of leaves in the mild slight cool breeze that caressed my naked breasts and made my nipples start to harden.

I opened my eyes and glanced down at my nipples, black and contrasting starkly against my white skin in the moonlight. I wondered why my skin which is a light honey brown colour should look so white in the moonlight and why my nipples which are a darker shade of brown should appear jet black like this. I tilted my head to one side and as my hair cascaded around my face, I noticed that it was also jet black in the moonlight.

I was sitting on my haunches with my left hand on my knee and my right hand resting on the ground for balance. Poised, ready for instant flight, but my curiosity got the better of me. I moved my left knee to rest on the ground and stretched by right leg out before me watching my thigh muscles ripple in the moonlight. It too, was white.
I reached out and grasped my ankle and slowly slid my hand up my leg, feeling the smoothness of my skin and the firm muscles beneath. I squeezed my thigh muscles and was pleased with the firmness of my muscle tone. I continued moving my hand up and lifted my short leather skirt and saw the small triangle of hair between my legs was also jet black in the moonlight.

Intrigued, I sat down on the soft forest floor and lifted my skirt right up folding it up against my stomach exposing my upper thighs and bushy triangle completely. The skirt is split on both sides with only an inch or so around the waist at the sides to allow for easy movement. This is all I was wearing and this is how we dress when we hunt. Some of the women hunters with large breasts also wear a leather binding around their breasts to stop them flapping about when they are running but I did not need to.

My breasts were not small, but they were very firm like the rest of my body and did not bounce around enough to annoy me. I gazed down at my breasts and admired their full roundness, I took one in my hand, cupping it from beneath and squeezed it gently, marvelling at its soft hardness. My fingers moved to my half hardened nipple and I squeezed it gently feeling it go completely hard between my fingers.

As I rolled my nipple between my thumb and forefinger, my gaze travelled from my breasts over my stomach, now covered by my upturned skirt and back down to the dark triangle between my legs. I placed my other hand there and immediately felt a warm wetness as my gaze travelled over my finely sculpted thighs and legs.

I was, I think, sixteen summers old and past the time I should have mated. I had strange longings that I imagined were to do with mating, and an intense desire at times to stroke the soft wetness between my legs until my body shook with tremors of delight. I was ready to mate and I wanted to. At least I wanted to do the fucking that was part of mating, but I did not want to form the partnership that went with it.

When a male and female mated in our tribe they became partners. They hunted together, lived together and shared the hunt. Sometimes the woman would stop hunting and grow tubers and other things in the ground, especially after they had a child. The child also lived with them and shared the hunt and hunted with them as soon as it was able to.

This part of mating did not appeal to me. I liked to hunt alone and to share my hunt as I pleased. I liked to range far and wide and to explore the forest, the old ruins and to wonder about these things.

Closing in on the Prey

The snap of a branch on the forest floor brought me out of my reverie. Again I regretted my foolishness, allowing my concentration to wander like this. I froze and listened intently. That sound did not belong to the forest. It was the sound of man. Heavy footed, clumsy man trying to move quietly through the forest.

I could sense him very near to me. But only one. Had the others tired of the chase? I hoped so. I was unafraid of just one man and I was confident that I could easily defeat any man, but not the three that had been pursuing me. Two maybe. But not three. I thought of curling up and pretending to be asleep. Allow him to find me and surprise him when he was nearly upon me. Then I dismissed this idea. The others may be nearby but beyond my senses. If they were, the sounds of our struggle would soon bring them.

I carefully got back up on my haunches, my weight resting lightly on the balls of my feet. I gazed longingly at the safety of the dark forest on the other side of the clearing. A short, quick sprint and I would be safe. I did not like to run like this. I would much rather stand and fight and if I still had my weapons I would have circled around behind my pursuers and killed them one by one.

I had left my spear behind, buried in the chest of the first member of the hunting party that I had almost walked right into. I came around a sharp turn in the path and almost walked right into them. The sounds of their approach and of mine were both concealed by the roar of the nearby waterfall.

The moment I saw them I hefted my spear and drove it straight into the centre of the leader's chest. While they stood there in shock, as men do, I drew my knife and plunged it into the chest of the second hunter but it jammed tight against bone and I could not withdraw it.
They were recovering from their shock by now and I realised there were too many of them, so I left my knife. I dove into the bush at the side of the path but one of them had recovered enough to lunge at me, grabbing my bow and sling of arrows, which was slung over my shoulder, and tore it off. I spent what was left of the day evading my pursuers and only made my way to the clearing after dark had fallen.

I closed my eyes and lifted my face to the sky moving my head slowly from side to side, listening, sensing. I had his scent now. He was close. Very close. I could clearly smell his man scent. I could also sense his male presence. I was motionless now, like I was carved from stone like one of the giant statues in the forest and I sensed that he was motionless as I was. I felt a momentary sting of pure fear.

He was very good. Most men hunters are too impatient to remain motionless for this long. He was armed too and I was not. He would have his knife out if he was that good. A knife would be the perfect weapon for a fight in the close quarters of the forest, allowing him full and easy movement.

Rage and frustration overwhelmed me. Why did I go so deep into their land? Why did I attack on impulse instead of running? If I had simply ran away when I first walked into them, I would have had my weapons and I could have hunted them down and killed them all. Why did I sit here gazing at my body, thinking of mating when I knew they were so close.

The Chase

I screamed as loud as I could and broke free of the forest's dark embrace sprinting out into the moonlit clearing.

I heard the crash behind me almost at the same moment I burst free. I sensed him burst free of the forest and I sensed his powerful legs propelling him close behind me. I screamed again with the pure release of energy as I sprinted across the clearing, my long strides devouring the distance to the opposite forest.
The wind was full in my face and I felt my long hair trailing behind me as I sprinted across the clearing. I felt the softness of the grass beneath my feet, I was aware of my arms moving up and down beside me and my legs striking out, lithe and swift as a gazelle, my body moving with perfect precision, and safety drawing closer with every long stride.

I was free. I knew as soon as I reached the forest on the other side he would either not follow me or if he did I would easily lose him and make my way over familiar ground to the safety of my tribe. I was halfway across now, the dark forest beckoning me into its darkness. I smiled, then I grinned baring my teeth like an animal in triumph and raised my head and laughed aloud.

I fought the urge to look behind me, knowing this would cost me precious speed and I willed myself to concentrate on the forest ahead. Then time seemed to slow down. My legs seemed to be moving so slowly and the forest ahead seemed to be no closer. My legs were getting so heavy and my chest was hurting. My breath started coming in ragged gasps.

I couldn't stand it any longer. I whipped my head around for a quick glimpse to see how close they, or him, were. I had only a moments glance but I could only see one of them chasing me. But he was close. So close. And he was big. Strong and muscular and he looked like he was in perfect condition, running easily and closing the distance between us. His eyes gleaming in the moonlight.

I gritted my teeth in grim determination and lowered my head forcing every ounce of energy in my body, directing it all to drive me forward. I felt renewed, I struck out boldly and determinedly, feeling my speed pick up, feeling my legs powering me forward, seeing the forest looming up closer and closer. I would hit the forest at full speed so I changed direction slightly aiming for some low bushes, preparing myself to leap over them.

I smiled again. Grinning once more with that crazy victorious exultation. I was free this time. This time I knew it. I had won. Details became clearer in the forest ahead. I could see several large trees directly in my path and I made careful mental adjustments preparing to leap the low bushes, duck to the left to avoid a tree and then duck back to the right to dodge another forest giant.

The pain took my breath away and the force of the impact lifted my feet clear off the ground as his shoulder drove into my back and I felt his powerful arms encircle my waist from behind.

The Contact

I felt powerful fingers digging into my stomach and sides and his shoulder pressed hard against my back as I fell to the ground. His arms encircled me as we hit the ground together, the impact knocking me senseless for a moment.

My forehead slammed into the soft grass of the clearing knocking me senseless despite its softness and his weight was on top of me pinning me to the ground forcing my body deep into the soft grass.
I was unable to move. I felt his hard muscular chest pressing hard on my bare ass, my skirt driven up by the impact, and I could feel his chest rising and falling pressing against my ass and easing off as he took deep breaths. My legs had splayed apart and he lay between them, his chest on my bare ass, his head resting on the small of my back and his arms tightly encircling my waist.

I could feel his hot breath on my back. Hot moist air caressing my back each time he exhaled and the cool night air rushing back to take its place as he inhaled. His arms gripped me tight and I wondered if I had any broken bones or other serious injuries. He lay motionless apart from his heavy breathing and I wondered if the next move would be his or mine.

I became aware of a thousand pains throughout my body. My forehead, breasts, knees and elbows were stinging with pain from scraping along the ground on impact. My head ached dully from being slammed into the ground so hard, my back ached from the impact of his shoulder and it was difficult to breath he was holding me so tightly. And I was very aware of his hard muscular chest rising and falling, pressing hard against my naked ass.

The Struggle

I knew that I could not do anything pinned as I was beneath his bulk so I lay completely motionless, controlling my breathing, slowing it down, feigning unconsciousness. I felt him start to move very slowly, warily. I could feel his hard chest sliding across my ass, his bare skin brushing hard against my own bare skin. I had to suppress the effect this was having on me. I felt the urge to move my ass from side to side, to rub my ass hard against his smooth hard muscular chest.
From the way his chest was moving on my ass, I could tell he was moving his legs, trying to get up on his hands and knees. I lay perfectly still, my breathing barely discernible. I felt his grip around my waist relax slightly.

Then, so quickly that I had no chance to act, he removed his arms from around my waist and grabbed the back of my neck with both hands in a grip that forced me to grit my teeth together in pain. In the same fluid motion he sprang back and squatted down sitting on my bare ass with his hands firmly around my neck.

I still remained motionless. I knew that he could not tell if I was breathing or not from where he was positioned and that he would have to make the next move. Most likely to draw his knife from his waist to stab me in the back, or perhaps to cut my throat. Either way he would have to take one hand off my neck and that would be my chance.

He was very patient, unlike most men hunters. He was waiting now, as he had waited in the forest earlier. Waiting for me to make a tell tale sign that I was still alive. He was taking no chances anyway. He knew the moment he released one hand from my neck that I would have the chance to act. He was anticipating it. Ready for it.

Suddenly I became aware of another disturbing sensation. I could feel his balls on my naked ass. He wore the same type of hunting skirt as I did and the way he was sitting his balls were hanging down resting on my bare ass. His knees were on the ground on either side of my waist and I could feel the inside of his thighs pressed tightly against the outside of my legs.

Finally he made his move, but it was not what I expected. I felt his balls move on my ass and then felt them lift completely off my ass. The feel of his balls on my bare ass distracted me terribly, perhaps fatally, as my chance was lost. He sprang quickly onto his feet, releasing his grip on the back of my neck and gripped my right shoulder with both hands, jerking me up and flipping me over onto my back all in one fluid motion.

I sensed my body rotate between his legs, his powerful hands gripping my shoulders jerking me upright and suddenly I was face to face with my pursuer.

He settled back down onto my thighs and once again I felt his balls this time resting on top of my naked thighs. I remained limp and motionless my head lolling around on my shoulders as if I were dead. I felt him move forward and felt the tip of his limp cock scrape along my thighs as he moved. He was gripping my shoulders with both hands and he released one hand to grab my hair and pull my face close to his.

I could sense him staring intently at me as he held my head by the hair, my face inches from his as I held my breath and kept my eyes gently closed, feigning death. I sensed his body relax, apparently satisfied that I was dead. I opened my eyes suddenly and saw the look of shock in his eyes, inches away from my own eyes. I stared right into his eyes for a split second. Then I slammed my forehead forward and down right onto the bridge of his nose. I felt the pain of my hair tearing out of my scalp left behind in his fingers as my head jerked forward violently. I felt the satisfying crunch of something breaking in his face as my forehead slammed into his face.

He was dazed as I pulled my right arm all the way back and with a full roundhouse right, I slammed my fist as hard as I could at the side of his head, the blow striking him squarely on the temple.
He sagged to my left and I pounced on him, my hands encircling his throat, my full weight bearing down on my arms forcing my fingers deep into his throat. He was on his back now and I was sitting astride his chest concentrating all my will and power into my arms and hands pressing hard against his throat, choking the life from him.

Then I became aware of my cunt rubbing up and down against his naked chest as I rocked back and forth driving my hands harder and harder against his throat. The excitement of the kill was overpowering me, I pressed my cunt harder and moved it deliberately up and down on his chest as I continued to choke him. My body rocking back and forth, my grip tightening around his throat, his head jerking up and down as I moved my body back and forth and I knew I had him.

Blood was streaming from his nose as I saw his eyes slowly open. I could sense his life force ebbing away as he stared at me, his eyes starting to glaze over. Then he started to struggle, squirming his body beneath mine, trying to roll from side to side. I sensed his arms moving but I concentrated on my hands on his throat. His fist smashed into the left side of my head, the blow so powerful it broke my grip on his throat and knocked me right off him, sending me sprawling several yards across the grass.

I lay on my side and turned to watch him slowly turn to look in my direction. I could feel my senses fading in and out, and my vision was tinged with blackness around the edges. I could not move. My body would not respond to my urgent commands. With horror, I saw him start to get up. I watched him closely as I struggled painfully to my hands and knees. My ears were ringing from his blow and my vision was blurred.

I struggled to my feet and stood there watching him. I swayed on unsteady feet and my vision faded in and out. I put my hand on my forehead in a vain attempt to ease the pain in my head. I shook my head trying desperately to clear by blurred vision knowing that every moment was critical.
He got to his feet very slowly, then moved slowly towards me. We started circling each other warily, arms outstretched. I watched his muscles rippling in the moonlight as he moved. His thigh muscles bunching and flexing with each careful step. I saw his biceps flex as he moved his arms up and down and in and out as he circled.

Smooth, muscled, male body tone moving in the moonlight. He had long black hair that fell down to his shoulders and a broad muscular chest. He was like a God. He looked formidable. He was much bigger than me. Taller, heavier and much more solidly built. I was well muscled but lithe and slim. I felt confident. I had defeated men his size before in a hand to hand fight. He made no attempt to go for his knife, which I could see at his waist, still in its sheath. I wondered why. I would have very little chance against him if he used his knife. It is what I would do.

I feinted with my left fist and as he reacted I stepped up onto my left foot and pivoting my body hard and down to the left drove my right foot hard into his chest catching him completely by surprise.

The force of the kick drove him back several paces giving me time to recover my balance and lunge at his throat with my right hand, fingers rigid. He recovered too quickly from my kick and brushed my blow aside with his left arm following up with a short, sharp jab with his right that caught me in the stomach.

He pressed home his advantage, taking me completely by surprise by dropping to the ground and knocking my feet out from under me with a sweeping kick. It caught me completely by surprise and I tumbled to the ground a mess of flailing arms and legs.

He was on me immediately, his body on top of mine trying to pin me to the ground, his hands searching for my throat. I kept moving, squirming and rolling and striking out at every opportunity knowing that on the ground like this his strength gave him the advantage.

He grabbed one of my wrists, then the other and finally managed to pin me to the ground on my back, sitting astride my stomach. I drove my knee into his side in a vicious blow, and followed up with another one, then another. I could see the pain contort his face and his body sag slightly, his head lolling forward, his face close to mine. I jerked my head forward violently striking him squarely on the bridge of his already battered nose, starting a fresh flow of blood.

He released my wrists, his hands flying to his face in an instinctive motion and I continued my attack on his battered face, I punched him on the nose again and again, the force of my blows going right through his hands that he held over his face trying in vain to protect himself. He sat there dazed clutching his hands protectively over his face rocking slightly from side to side.

I quickly got to my feet and aimed a roundhouse right kick right at his face to finish him off, but he grabbed my foot and going with the force of the kick flung me over to the ground. Again he was on me immediately.

We fought like animals in the forest, rolling around on the soft, wet grass in the moonlight kicking and punching trying desperately to get an advantage. I fought viciously, striking at his eyes, face and throat. I struck a vicious blow to his throat and rolled over on top trying to get a grip on his throat, but he pushed me off easily.

I tried another knee to his side but he was ready this time and dropped flat against me his body pressed full length along mine, out of range of my knee. His body was pressed hard against mine, his chest crushing my breasts and his thighs on top of mine.

He had managed to grab one of my wrists while I was trying to knee him and he now had the advantage, his body pinning me hard against the ground while I squirmed and tried to roll and moved beneath him desperately.

My free arm moved frantically, trying to strike him wherever and whenever possible and trying to evade his other free arm. As I squirmed beneath his body I opened my legs apart trying to use my leg to lever him off me. His body fell between my legs and I suddenly felt his cock press against my cunt.

As we continued to struggle I felt his cock start to grow larger. It was pointing down towards the ground and I could feel the shaft of his cock pressing hard against my cunt, growing harder and harder as it rubbed up and down my cunt as we struggled.

This new turn of events seem to distract him and I connected with a solid blow to his cheekbone with my free arm. This jerked him back slightly, moving his weight slightly off me and I rolled around onto my stomach and tried to crawl out from underneath him. I had both arms outstretched trying to grab a purchase on the grass to pull myself free when he pounced on me, grabbing both my wrists pinning them to the ground. His body slamming down on top of mine. His hands pinning my wrists to the ground and his body on top of mine, pressed hard against mine pinning me to the ground. Now I could barely move at all.

His chest was pressed against the back of my head pressing my face hard into the soft grass. I could feel blades of grass tickling my nostrils and I could smell the fresh sweetness of crushed grass beneath my face and taste the grass in my mouth. His body was pressed hard against mine full length and I could feel the cold dew on the grass on my naked breasts, my stomach and my thighs.

The Beginning of The End

Suddenly I became aware of the full length of his cock pressed hard between the cheeks of my ass. His cock was now completely hard and I could feel his balls hanging over the edge of my ass, dangling down between my legs resting lightly against my cunt. As I continued to struggle beneath him his cock moved between the cheeks of my ass, held tightly there by his weight above. I renewed my struggling trying hard not to think about his cock moving between the cheeks of my ass but the more I struggled the more it moved and the more I realised just how good it felt.

I had no idea what he was thinking or what made men's cocks go hard so I didn't know if he wanted to fuck me and then kill me or just kill me but I was certain that he wanted to kill me. He would kill me. Of that I was certain. Noone ever relented on this. To trespass was to die. There were never any exceptions. He now had the advantage and I was tiring. I had a crazy thought that if I was going to die, then I should at least experience the fucking before I do. How crazy. I don't even know how to talk to him. We speak different languages and how would I ask him anyway.

Blind panic struck me the at the thought of my imminent death. I did not want to die. I loved life. The sun in the morning, the warm breeze on my skin, the sound of children laughing, the animals in the forest, the hunt. I screamed and struggled beneath him in a maniacal frenzy. I could feel my painful knees and elbows scraping on the ground beneath me losing more skin. The more I struggled the more his cock moved between the cheeks of my ass.

It was moving up and down and then would press against one side of my cheeks then the other. It seemed to be pressing down harder and harder because I could actually feel it rubbing against my asshole now which I couldn't before. I could feel the full length of his cock rubbing up and down along my asshole, my ass cheeks squashed from the pressure of his body on top of mine, wrapped tightly around his cock as it moved up and down.

I realised that the more I thought about this sensation the less panicked I felt and then I realised that I was moving my body against his cock and not to get free. I slowly became aware that I was moving my ass up and down causing his cock to slide up and down between the cheeks of my ass. Then I became aware that he was moving his body back and forth in time with mine driving his cock deliberately up and down, sliding between the cheeks of my ass. I closed my eyes and pressed my face deeper into the soft grass. Soon the only sensation I was aware of was his cock sliding up and down between the cheeks of my ass.
Only partially aware of what I was doing I tried to raise my ass up higher to press his cock harder against my ass. He responded by raising his body off mine and I felt my pelvis and upper thighs lift off the grass and the cool night air rush in to caress my naked skin.
I felt his body move back slightly and now the end of his cock was pressing against my ass between my cheeks. He moved back more and placed his hand on my back as I felt his cock slide down between the cheeks of my ass still pressing hard against me.

His cock pressed hard against me as he slid it down, pushing it harder against me every now and then as if he was looking for an opening to push it into. His cock came to rest directly against my asshole and I felt it enter a little way as he pushed.
He pushed harder and harder and I felt the tip of his cock actually go inside my asshole. He continued to push push push but it would not go in any further.

I thought he was going to fuck me in the ass the way people in my tribe do it so they will not make children, but then he pulled back and pushed again and it slid further down underneath me pushing upwards against my cunt. He started moving his cock back and forth as it pressed up against my cunt and I started to move my ass up and down and back and forth as best I could.

I pressed my face harder into the cool damp grass. My body was aching all over in so many ways. He spread my legs apart with his knees, forcing his body closer up between my legs. He had one hand placed on the front of my thigh moving my body back and forth, moving my cunt back and forth over his big hard cock and the other hand underneath his cock pressing it up hard against my cunt. My cunt was starting to tingle as his cock rubbed against my clit and a strange warmth was starting to spread from my cunt, radiating outwards and spreading through my body.

He took his hand off my thigh and reached around under me curling his fingers up and forcing them gently between the lips of my cunt, gently probing, looking for my cunt hole. His finger slid in easily and he started moving it gently in and out, pressing it up and down and from side to side pushing against the inner walls of my cunt. I felt his other hand beneath his cock guiding his cock toward the opening that his fingers were sliding in and out of.

Then he changed hands and he was guiding his cock to my wet cunt hole and pressing it gently against the opening. He held his cock in his right hand and pressed it firmly against the opening of my cunt moving it from side to side as he did so as if he were trying to make the hole bigger. I got up on my hands and knees and gripped the grass tightly with both hands as I felt the tip of his cock exploring my cunt for the first time in my life.

I felt the tip of his cock slide in and my cunt tighten around it. He moved his cock gently from side to side all the time slowly forcing it in deeper and deeper. Then he started fucking me. For the first time and probably the last time in my life I was being fucked. It felt like his cock was too big for my cunt. It seemed to be stretching it and it hurt a bit.

He started fucking me with just the tip of his cock moving it in and out slowly and pretty soon it was sliding in and out easily. Then he pushed it in a bit deeper maybe another inch or so and it felt tight again, but as he continued to move it in and out it became easier.

Then, suddenly, he grabbed my thighs from the front and jerked my ass back violently pulling my cunt over his cock and ramming his body forward at the same time. His cock rammed into my cunt all the way, its full length deep inside me and he started to move back and forth, faster and faster, his cock sliding in and out of my my cunt.

I moved my ass back to meet his cock as he thrust forward and I moved my ass forward as he pulled away. My ass moved backwards to meet and envelope his cock every time he thrust forward and as he pulled backwards, I moved my ass forwards, releasing his cock from my cunt's warm, wet embrace.

So this is fucking I thought as the last moments of my life were passing by. No wonder the men in my tribe get so carried away by it, if it feels as good as this for men too.

Suddenly he stopped and he took his cock out and flipped me over onto my back. Without hesitating he guided his cock back inside my cunt and continued fucking me while I was on my back. I started to thrust my pelvis forward to meet his thrusts the same way I moved my ass before. I opened my legs wider and felt his cock go deeper inside me so I opened them even wider until I could go no further.

I watched his long hair flying about as he drove his cock into me harder and harder getting faster all the time. His face was contorted as if he were in pain and I watched his muscles rippling in the moonlight as he moved. I looked at his body, darker than my pale skin in the moonlight and again I was intrigued by how white my skin appeared and how my nipples looked black in the moonlight.

He leaned forward and started to suck my nipples as he fucked me, sucking gently at first then more frantically, moving his lips around and sucking hard, then biting them hard increasing the pleasure for me and making me feel a little crazy. He moved from one nipple to the other, sometimes grabbing my tit with his hand and squeezing it hard forcing my tit into his mouth.

Then he leaned back and grabbed both my ankles and lifted them high in the air. This altered the angle that his cock was going into me making it feel different. He leaned forward and my feet rested against his shoulders as he continued to ram his cock into me. He changed his grip on my ankles and then leaned all the way forward forcing my legs up over my head, my ankles coming to rest on the grass on either side of my head.

My body was bent over in half and my cunt was pointing straight up at the sky as he loomed over me between my legs. Now his cock was going really deep inside me. Deeper than ever before. I could feel the end of his cock bumping up against something deep inside me at the end of every stroke and it hurt. But I loved it.

I moved my head to get more comfortable and I reached around and grabbed his ass, pulling him harder against me and trying to force his cock deeper inside me. His ass felt so hard as I tried to grab hold of it, frantically trying to get a grip, my fingers struggling to hold on. I drove my fingers deep between the cheeks of his ass and grabbed the cheeks of his ass as tightly as I could and pulled him hard against me each time he thrust his body forward.

Suddenly he started to ram his cock into me even faster, frantically and I sensed his body starting to tense. I wasn't sure what was happening but it felt so good. Without any warning he drove his body hard into mine pressing his body so hard against mine that I thought my backbone would snap. He pushed my body forward forcing my ass even higher into the air and bore down on me with his full weight, grinding his pelvis into mine.

Then I noticed that his body was jerking and I felt his cock throbbing inside me. Something was happening but I wasn't sure what. He let go of my ankles and my legs fell back down to the ground. He lay on top of me and reached around underneath my ass and grabbing my ass with both hands he lifted my ass off the ground and drove his cock in as deep as he could grinding his pelvis into mine once again harder and harder pulling my ass back hard against his body.


Then his whole body started to shudder and I felt a warm wetness running out of my cunt and running down between my legs as his fingers bit deep into the cheeks of my ass. I looked up into his face and it was contorted as if he were in agony. His eyes were screwed tightly shut and he was moaning like an animal.

I moved like lightning, tearing the knife from his waist, I raised my hand high in the air and plunged his knife into his throat burying it up to the hilt. His eyes snapped open and I saw total bewilderment in them before they glazed over.
I pushed him off me and as his cock came out of my cunt a small stream of liquid came out of it hitting the inside of my thigh. I picked some of it up with my fingers and held it to my nose sniffing it curiously. It wasn't important. I wonder about things too much.
I grabbed his feet and dragged his body across the clearing into my tribe's side of the jungle. Squatting down beside him I grabbed a hand full of hair and carefully ran the knife around his hairline in one fluid movement and removed his scalp so all would know that this was a trespasser who had paid the penalty.


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8:22 am
Saturday, December 1st, 2012
4:53 pm
If you enjoy reading or writing Erotic Fiction, join Pervy Lit!
Pervy Lit is The New Literary Showcase for Writers of Erotic Fiction.

Feel Free to post any and all fan fic pairings and original sensual stories.

All sexual orientations are welcome and encouraged at Pervy Lit.

Join us! We adore our Writers and our Readers!

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Thursday, August 16th, 2012
9:30 am
Anyone want to finish this story?
we lock eyes across the train car. you grin at me. i grin back. it's crowded today and we're packed in like sardines. you're a few people away, but you're close enough for me to tell how attractive you are. you're wearing a long coat, but i can see your legs, your calves. you're active or you work out...either way you're in shape and you look great. i can't really make out much under your coat. we all get jostled as people get on and off at the next stop, and you're pushed a little closer to me. or maybe you move towards me. it's hard to tell. and then before i realize what's happening you flash me. just like that. like it was nothing. you timed it perfectly. no one saw you but me. you dropped lift hands, your coat creeps upwards just a few inches...and parts to show me a perfectly trimmed mound of pubic hair...atop a perfectly firm pair of thighs. you grin at me as you catch me staring and then just as quickly drop your coat and continue as if nothing has happened. i'm literally gaping at this point. you're pointed stare and grin afterwards teases me to a reaction. i'm useless. the doors close, the train moves on. i stand there thinking about what's just happened at the train zips along to it's next stop. when we get there, the crowd jostles us again...this time bumping you into me. you're a little shocked by this because you were never expecting to be this close to the random stranger you picked out to flash. your plan was to show yourself and then slip out before anything could happen. but now you're actually pressed against me by the crowd moving in and out. a little startled i react on impulse. i reach down and grab your wrist and pull you off the train behind me. you start to resist but you realize there's nothing you can do in all this crowd, except scream for help. but you're naked underneath and that wouldn't end well for anyone. you allow me to pull you hastily along the platform until we come to the first men's room i can find. i look around quickly to see who is around, but everyone else is moving in the other direction, towards the escalator. i whip you inside and close the door and lock it. now you're actually scared, this has turned into something you never expected. you begin to open your mouth to protest? scream? i'm not sure what, but i put my hand across your mouth and press your head against the back of the bathroom door before you can. pressing my body against you i stifle the small struggle you're thinking about, but quickly stop when you realize how little control you have in this situation. i look into your anxious and somewhat scared eyes and tell you not to worry...that i'm not going to hurt you. in fact, i'm not going to do anything you don't want me to do to you. but i do feel like i need to make an example of your behavior...to let you know that it's not nice to tease innocent men. on the train or otherwise. as i continue talking you relax fractionally, still ready to react if you feel like i'm not being honest with you. but you can see it in my face, feel it in the tension of my body pressed against yours. i'm no rapist, but i'm going to take what i want. and the scariest part for you is realizing you want it too. you desperately want me to take control of you and fuck you the way you've dreamed about for countless nights. 
thankfully it's early morning and the bathroom has been recently cleaned. it's not sparkling...but it's not in it's usual filthy state. it seems like the perfect setting for what's about to happen. i look down and notice something sticking out of your pockets. it's your panties, where you stuffed them before you came onto the train. you still have your blouse top and bra on...but nothing below the waist. i don't even ask what happened to your skirt. my guess is it never made it out of the house. pulling my hand away from your mouth, i reach down and take both your wrists in my hand. they're small and easily fit in my hand. i take your panties and wrap them around both wrists, loosely binding them. you could get out if you really wanted to...but you won't. you want this. i lift your wrists above your head and slip them over the coat hook on the door...leaving your hanging before me. your coat has fallen open to reveal a gorgeous body...beautiful firm breasts...firm stomach that tapers into beautifully curved hips. no underwear of course...no skirt...just smooth, strong thighs...and neatly trimmed mound of pubic hair. i reach down to run my fingers through your curlies, to feel the sex under my finger tips. as i slide my hand down and run my fingers against your sex i stop...somewhat shocked. you're wet! and not just damp...but wet down your thighs. you are so turned on right now you're almost embarrassed. in fact, when i look up at you upon discovering this you blush slightly as you look me in the eyes. this is exactly what you wanted to happen today...in the far recesses of your filthiest fantasies...you wanted someone to take you and force you into a submissive act of sex and service. this discovering sends a rush through me, overriding all sense of control. i slip two fingers deep inside you, parting thick, warm, wet lips. you inhale sharply as i slide into you and moan. your hips push against my hand trying to impale my hand. slippery, wet and sticky I push another finger inside you. kneeling down in front of you i hitch one of your legs over my should so that i can get my mouth on you...and i so very badly want to have my mouth on you. with no slow measured teasing, no foreplay, no waiting...i plunge my mouth deep between your legs. your sex parts across my lips and tongue like a piece of ripe fruit...wet, sticky, and pleasantly pungent. my tongue goes deep inside your cunt as my lips press against your lips...my nose brushing against your clit as i press hard into your pelvis. slow line after slow line i trace from your sweet pussy up along your clit...over and over again. my tongue is firm and broad and incredibly skilled as it traces tiny little circles around your clit....and broad brush strokes up and down. my tiny controlled circles turn into broad, wet, firm circles around your clit...over and over. my face is covered in your juices, sticky cream covers my lips and tongue. it's almost too much for me. i'm as hard a diamond now...my cock is pressing, straining to get out of my jeans. 
you're breathing faster now with all my attention on your cunt...grinding into my face...urgently wanting release that only i am going to give you. but not yet...teases like yourself have to wait...punished slightly for your transgression on the train :) standing up i quickly unbuckle my jeans and let them drop to the floor. my underwear is half on half off...but i'll let you take care of that. i reach up and unhook your wrists from the door and slowly but firmly push you to your knees. wrists still bound you look up at me and know what i want. you pull at my boxers with your teeth until they've dropped to my ankles. my cock is huge and turgid and straining to reach your lips and wanting mouth. looking up into my eyes, never breaking contact, you part your lips just slightly as you press them against the head of my cock. i put a hand around the back of your head and pull you forward slowly, inch by inch. i'm not the longest cock you've ever had in your mouth, but i'm close to the thickest. your lips and mouth stretch wide as i fill your mouth. your breath is warm and your lips tight. looking up at me i can tell by your expression that you might not be able to take me all the way. i pull you slowly off my cock...a small thread of spit stretches from the tip of my cock to your lower lip. i look down and tell you that you can do it...that i want to feel the head of my cock against the back of your throat. you nod silently as i press the head of my cock against your lips again...slowly, inch by inch...i push my hips against you...easing my cock into your eager mouth. you're tight and it's almost too much..but you do it. you take me completely into your mouth and relax as i slide my cock in and out of your mouth...both hands around your head...fucking your sweet mouth like you've never been fucked before. you feel cheap and used...but strangely empowered to be on your knees  in front of this stranger sucking him for all he's worth. it's exquisite. 
before things get to far along...before I start to lose all control...before I cum in your mouth...i slip my cock out and let it rest on your lips. your panting slightly from the exertion, flushed along your neck and cheeks. i reach down and lift you up so that you're standing in front of me. our faces are close, i can smell me on your breath. i lean forward and kiss you deeply, tasting the tiny bit of pre-cum that covers your lips. and just as quickly i spin you around and press you back up against the door. i pull your hips out and spread your legs so that you're bent over in front of me. i kneel down and take another long, slow lick between your sex...your creamy, sticky lips...all the way up to your asshole. you clinch when i hit that spot...but my hands are on your ass and i part you cheeks as i lick tiny circles around your sweet, tight hole. and now you're some place you've never been...comfort zones are being stretched. again and again i lick your asshole, pressing the tip of my tongue deeper and deeper every time. you're tight at first, clenching, resisting my touch. but with every swipe you relax just a little more...loosening...giving in to my efforts. this all seems to be going in one direction, you're steeling yourself for it. but then i lean forward and whisper against your hear "not yet. that you have to earn". 
and with that i stand up and place the still turgid head of my cock against your pussy lips. just the head...resting against your parted lips...still wet, still warm, still as sticky as when i had my mouth on you. bent over in front of my...in as a submissive a position as you could be... i slide my cock deep inside you. one, slow, full motion and i am all the way inside you. you gasp as i press into your sex...you expected slow...to take my time. i am after all thick and it's thicker than you are use to. but you are so wet i know you can take it...you're a big girl. inch by inch i press my cock up inside you until i am in to the hilt. we both groan as i hit you deep...pelvis rubbing against your clit.
Monday, August 13th, 2012
12:27 pm
The beginning of something
I kiss you deeply, tasting my own cum on your tongue, lips, breath. I lift you up to turn you over and spread you face down on the bed. Arms and legs splayed I begin running my hands up the backs of your calves, thighs, ass. My hands are strong and hold you firm in place, massaging your ass as I part your cheeks to open your sex wide. You arch your back slightly, pushing your ass further up into the air. It moves on it own, searching for my touch. Your ass is perfect and curvy and delicious. I plunge between your open legs and draw a long, slow line from your clit to your asshole. You gasp at the suddeness of it, but you arch back even further waiting for the follow up. I dip again and lick and suck your hard clit. It's hard and engorged and your sex is wet with your yearning. Sucking my cock and swallowing my load of cum has made you wet beyond belief. I continue to suck and lick your clit, running my tongue between your lips...tracing a perfect line to your tight little asshole. When I touch your ass hole with my tongue you tighten ever so slightly, not sure if this is where you want to go or not. I cup your ass cheeks firmly in each hand and press you harder into the mattress. I trace light little circles around your sweet hole, everyone softening your resistance. After a few minutes you are groaning with pleasure and need for me to take your farther down this path. Your once tight little ass hole now relaxes under the pressure of my oral attentions... as I probe deeper and deeper with that exquisitely warm muscle that is my tongue.

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Thursday, August 9th, 2012
4:19 pm
Still looking for that pen pal :)
It seems like I've been looking for the right pen pal forever. A few people have 'seemed' interested, but never followed through. Some people started off strong, but ultimately just wanted to read what I had to write. They never seemed as interested in writing. And then there's the always insurmountable wall of just plain being a guy. And really, there just are not that many women looking to share erotic fantasies with someone they've never met. But that's what I'm looking for: an enthusiastic pen pal (women only please) who wants to explore and share any all types of erotic fantasies. I'm actually not bad at this kind of writing (or so I've been told) and would love to share it with you. The only thing off limits is kids. NO KID FANTASIES, PERIOD. 18+ fine, but nothing below that. I'm open to any format, but shared fantasies are often quite fun: I write something, then give it to you to write the next part, and then back and forth until that particular fantasy is spent (so to speak).

So, what do you think? Any takers?
Friday, May 18th, 2012
5:03 am
Lets talk dirty
So I am looking to swap erotic stories/poetry/etc. I am looking for sex emails or snail mail. no one under 18... that's just wrong... Male or female is welcome to sex talk about fantasies, or whatever... message me please don't leave comment.
Saturday, July 7th, 2012
10:33 am
All filled up by the spirit
Title: All Filled up By the Spirit
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 1413
Warning: boy/girl, religious fetish
Summary: Every wanted to sneak off during church and have great sex? Well Matt and Lula do it every Sunday

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Monday, June 11th, 2012
6:54 pm
Next Time Bring Snacks
Title: Next Time Bring Snacks
Author: Me
Word Count :1190
Warnings: NC-17, Doctor/Patient (Sorry if the editing isn't perfect)
Summary: Being in the hospital isn't always boring.....

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Tuesday, April 24th, 2012
9:44 am
Afternoon Delight
Title: Afternoon Delight
Rating- NC-17
Author: me, of course
Summary: When Hallie became Galen's maid, little did she know what would be expected of her

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Sunday, April 8th, 2012
10:28 am
Hot Tub Time
Title: Hot Tub Time
Author: ME
Rating: NC-17
Summary: When they moved in together Valora and Garrett had no idea it would be so fulfilling

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Thursday, January 26th, 2012
7:22 pm
A gift of Innocent
Title: A Gift
Warning: Straight sex, little bondage, VERY light rape play
Rating: Hard R
Word Count: 2137
Summary: She's his gift, his bride to save his people from destruction

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Friday, November 25th, 2011
1:33 pm
A little F/F for your Black Friday?
Title: For the Price of Silver
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: F/F, some BDSM and a tiny bit of rape play.
Word Count: 2311
Summary: When time travel goes bad.

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Thursday, November 24th, 2011
4:55 pm
Happy Thanksgiving. Here's a new Erotica
So this is a little depressing because my holiday sucks. But it's still hot.
Title: It's Called Break up Because.....
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: BOY/GIRL, oral, vanilla
Word Count:1139
Summary: Mace cannot believe that Sadie wants to break up with him.

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Saturday, November 5th, 2011
8:31 pm
A school fantasy
Title: Extra Credit of the Carnal Kind
Rating: NC-17
Warning: B/G with a teeny tiny hint of f/f at the end
Word Count:1552
Summary: This was a request from Chris. It is his school teacher fantasy put into my deliciously hot words.

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Tuesday, October 25th, 2011
3:27 pm
Vampire Drama
Title: I Don't Want You Anymore
Rating: NC-17
Word count:2061
Warning: boy/girl
Summary: What happens when two vampire ditch their unhealthy other relationships and hook up? Find out here!

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Sunday, October 16th, 2011
2:58 pm
Confess Witch XXXX posted
Title: No Confession
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 1807
Warnings: BOY/GIRL , Masturbation, hate love relationship
Synopsis: A witch hunter is having an affair with the witch he is trying to condemn

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